EROTIC MASSAGES PRAGUE – Erotic massages are good for your erogenous zones

A visitor to the charming city of Prague has access to a plenty of erotic massages Prague offers. Erotic massages activate many of the body’s erogenous zones. You have probably heard of those but if not, check this brief info about them.

These zones are those parts of the body where sensitivity is heightened. Their stimulation can lead to arousal and orgasm.

Women’s Erogenous Zones

A woman’s body has various erogenous zones. These include:

• The clitoris
• The vagina
• Cervix
• Mouth and lips
• Neck
• Breasts and nipples
• Ears

Men’s Erogenous Zones

The men’s erogenous zones are the following:

• Penis
• Mouth and lips
• Scrotum
• Neck
• Nipples
• Perineum
• Ears

For those interested, here is more to be found about erogenous zones.


Erotic massages are a great way of activating and pleasuring the erogenous zones in order to achieve heightened sexual pleasure.

There are different ways of stimulating erogenous zones for both men and women.

Stimulation of Women’s Erogenous Zones

The woman’s body in its entirety can be seen as one big erogenous zone. It’s possible to pleasure many areas of her body through kissing, licking and caressing.

Areas of a woman’s body responsive to sexual stimulation:

• Shoulders
• Backside
• Buttocks
• Wrists
• Fingers
• Inner thighs
• Feet
• Breasts
• Throat and nape
• Scalp
• Vulva

Stimulation of Men’s Erogenous Zones

Parts of a man’s body that can be stimulated through kissing, licking and caressing:

• Chest
• Belly
• Inner thighs
• Penis
• Scrotum
• Buttocks
• Back
• Shoulders

Benefits of Erotic Massages

An erotic massage can provide you with the following benefits:

• Increases and stimulates your libido
• Reliefs your stress
• Fills your body with energy
• Helps with strength recuperation after the day’s hardships
• Improves your blood circulation
• Intensifies your muscle relaxation

Just one one-hour long erotic massage can bring some long-term benefits to both, your body and mind.

Nice girls

The women who will be there to service you in the erotic massage salons will take exceptional care of you, relaxing your body and mind to help forget your troubles.

They are amazing professionals trained in the delicacies of pleasure. That means that they have the ability to provide you with an experience unlike any other you could have possibly got before.

Erotic massage

Probably the most intense joy these women can provide is an erotic massage. Just imagine a beautiful woman nurturing you as her loved man. Just you and the masseuse, tied together through the bond of erotica and sensuality that will help you achieve incomparable levels of pleasure.

The massage may start with a mutual shower. Just the receiver and the masseuse enjoying every single drop of water in preparation for what’s to come next. Then the procedure itself commences and the receiver can choose a type of oil or another lubricant the masseuse will then be using on him. This is the actual beginning of the massage itself and no part of his body will be spared of her delicate touches.

An erotic massage simply provides sensuality taken to its maximum potential.

Luxurious Interior

Erotic massages can take place in beautiful, luxurious rooms that will make you feel like in heaven. Often the rooms are dimly-lit with candles or other soft light sources to create perfect sensual atmosphere. Sometimes even usage of various kinds of incenses presents another method of inciting the right mood.

Everything is made with sensuality in mind, to provide the very best sensual and sexual experience imaginable.